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About Gospel Apostolic Family


Gospel Apostolic Family

GAF is a coming together of sons of Dr. Sammy Gitaari and his ministry for the purposes of covering, equipping, etc. This organization is purely made of sons and holds bi-annual conferences and an annual retreat. In the meetings, the sons are brought together for equipping and networking. It may include sons that need ordination, and offer mutual support for the sons while running under the vision of the father.

The Gospel Apostolic Network is thus a platform established to minister to individuals and ministries who have reached out to Bishop seeking a place of mentorship, training, guidance, and care especially in the following areas:

  1. Godly Families
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Ministry Counsel
  4. Apostolic Leadership Development
  5. Establishing Apostolic Doctrine
  6. Apostolic Covering

Although GAF serves as a spiritual covering for its members, it is not a denomination. It does not control any of its members or ministries. Each ministry operates autonomously (self-governing, self-financing, self-propagating) as the Lord leads. Governmental input is usually by invitation.