Sammy Gitaari

Wings to Fly, Legs to Run

Wisdom For Living

The greatest ability given to men in the management of life is wisdom.

It is so important that one of the attributes of God, is that He is all wise. The all wise God created the universe and runs it on wisdom.
After considering all things God says, “Wisdom is the principal, the main, thing in life and He advices us to do all we can to get it.

Successful families, nations and businesses are run on the same ingredient, wisdom.
Everything we do requires wisdom. We must respect anointing, but without wisdom all anointing is frustrated. We respect education and knowledge but without wisdom education and knowledge are wasted-
Wisdom for Living encompasses, all our ministry and practices. Through it we train, equip and develop people at all levels: faith, health, wealth, family and education. We motivate and meter a people that a productive as they apply wisdom to all they do.
Be part of this family of people.

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