Sammy Gitaari

Wings to Fly, Legs to Run

Solid Family

Solid Family ministry is a resource to the family through training and provision of resources. Dr. Gitaari received a specific call to build healthy families in 1988 and the solid family ministry was born the following year to facilitate the vision. Dr. Gitaari believes if we build healthy families, we will be building healthy churches and a great community and nation.

Many lives have been transformed through his seminars, conferences, teachings, trainings, and broadcasts on family matters.

We do:

  1. Marriage seminars
  2. Pre-marriage seminars
  3. Marriage conferences
  4. Marriage counselling
  5. Family Life course (15 weeks) through IBS
  6. Marriage counselling Course (15 weeks) through IBS

In Solid Family every area of a marriage and family that is biblical is taken care of from the needs of singles, married as well as the youth.

We have resources in form of TV programs, DVDs, Radio broadcasts, Books and articles.

For more details, queries or to track our next event write;

Solid Family Resources

P.O Box 8185-00100 Nairobi

[email protected]