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Wings to Fly, Legs to Run

Church Planting

Church Planting is done through Gospel Celebration Church. GCC is a Grace/Apostolic ministry, with a combo of both relational and legal connections to drive it. Organization is legally registers but gives covering to sons and organizations. Every congregation is led by a son, who matures to become a father who in turn leads other sons. GCC embraces Pentecostal fire, charismatic gifts and organizational order and gifts. A culture of honor runs through the ministry.

GCC continued...

At Gospel Celebration Church we enjoy fresh anointing and the manifest power of the Holy Spirit; vibrant and solid worship; balanced and revelatory Bible teaching. We operate in the power and anointing of the Holy Ghost at all times. We respect authority, honour our leaders and follow proper protocol.

We are a Resource Centre for sharing God’s Grace and Apostolic Doctrine.

We believe that because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on our behalf the following blessings are ours to enjoy freely:

⇒  Eternal life

⇒  Divine healing

⇒  spiritual and material Prosperity

⇒  Authority over all the works of the devil

⇒  Free access to God our Father through Jesus

⇒  Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit

Our worship is contemporary and traditional; We sing, shout, dance and celebrate. Modern songs are accompanied by hymns.

Our Sunday service runs from 10:00am to 1:00pm

We are Located in Githurai 45/Kimbo, Along Mwihoko Road, behind Fountain Juniour Academy.

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