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Wings to Fly, Legs to Run

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About Dr. Sammy

Dr. Sammy Gitaari is the bishop and founder of Gospel Celebration Church and the apostolic leader of Gospel Apostolic Family, a ministry based in Kenya with a global reach.

Since 1977, Dr. Gitaari has walked in God’s call and assignment to apostolic leadership development, family enrichment, and to release grace, wisdom and faith in every speaking engagement.

Dr Gitaari enjoys preaching, teaching, conference speaking, writing, empowering families, leadership development, and clarifying the gospel revealed in the better covenant. His simple teaching and preaching style endear him to people of all ages and backgrounds. Dr Gitaari has facilitated many international, regional, and national fora on topics that align with his calling. His radio and television broadcasts have changed many lives throughout Kenya and the East African region

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~ Wisdom is greater than money, resources and people. So get Wisdom. ~​

Dr. Sammy Gitaari

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