Sammy Gitaari

Wings to Fly, Legs to Run


When I was under 20 time dragged on and on until at times a I wished days could be manipulated like a watch, then I could have pushed past adolescence especially and grow older so I am free from parental and school authorities.

In mid 20s there was no hurry as things were falling in place and the future was far away. There was a serious sense of worth derived from my accomplishments: a wife, children, job, certificates, and even recognition in the village and where I worked. I was not in a hurry to leave and go anywhere besides I had unlimited energy.
Mid-30s I started being concerned about the time available viz-a-viz retirement at 55 as is the case (was the case in my beloved country Kenya). Time became a rare commodity. There was only about 20 years to achieve the dreams of my life. Time flew past quickly and energy was no longer unlimited. 
Looking back now I accomplished more in that window of life (between 36 years and 50 years) than earlier in life.
At 50 there was no doubt in my mind that it was not possible to achieve all I dreamt before I am 55 and  I sometimes panicked and overworked myself. Then I turned 55 and nothing mountainous took place - it was just a birthday. Why did the date put so much pressure on me?
After my 55th birthday, just a month ago, life has taken a new turn. I think I have gotten "born again". I am now living what I called "when I grow up". Time is neither short not too much. I have nothing to achieve before I am 55, I am just living as faithfully to the revelation I have as is possible.
I see no reason why I so much got interested with 55. God willing I plan to live many years, and do all that is in my heart. In any case, what I won't finish I have generations behind me to pursue.
This is my motto now: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me & ALL things are possible to those who believe. 
Bottom line, live a full life and never give in to rules placed on you by people. Where need be, make your own rules for life, breaking conventional ones where they hinder your progress.

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