Sammy Gitaari

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Overcoming Barrenness
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I woke up with one word, Barrenness. God wants fruitful people, fruitful ministries, and fruitful families. Yet, barrenness is a hindrance to fruitfulness in any area of life.

2Kings 2:19-22  ‘The people of the city said to Elisha, “Look, our lord, this town is well situated, as you can see, but the water is bad and the land is unproductive.”.

The men of the city had done what was physical to no avail. They took the matter to God through His prophet, Elisha. Elisha was neither a farmer neither was he an agriculturalist. What they were doing is referring the matter to God. God wants productivity in every area of life. If you’re not productive, you need to ask yourself, why?

God loves production. In John 15: 2, Jesus says the branches that don’t produce will be cut off because they are of no value.

God chose you and appointed you so you can go and bear much fruit John 15: 16, It’s God’s intention to see a productive people. If productivity is curtailed, something is wrong and people need to be concerned.

We struggle with barrenness in business seeing no production but stagnation. We struggle with barrenness in relationships. There are some who never can keep a relationship. They may be beautiful or handsome but their relationships don’t last. These are people who work so hard but as soon as they get into a business, they suffer losses. Nothing works right for them. These are signs of barrenness. You will need a man/woman of God to bring divine intervention in your life. Some of it you need to proclaim it yourself. Some of you need to go home and proclaim life over the barren situation that you’ve been carrying. There are people whatever they do they cannot hang around anything that is useful it must die, its barren. Get over it!

The answer is in the Lord. You may need someone but you may need just yourself to speak prophetically to that barrenness and it goes.


You remember Sarah was barren but finally she gave birth to a son Isaac. Isaac married Rebecca and she too was barren. How come because Isaac’s mother was barren his wife too became barren? The problem continued. Jacob’s wife Racheal was barren. How come it begins with Abraham then it goes to Isaac then Jacob? Something was wrong. A river is not flowing in the right direction. There is a hindrance to productivity. Isaac discovered that his wife was barren. He did not settle for whatever comes his way. Isaac chose to confront the barrenness himself. In Genesis 25:21,  Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife because she was barren. The Lord answered his prayer and his wife Rebecca became pregnant giving birth to twins.

Isaac did not stagger around life wondering what was happening to his family. He confronted the barrenness in his wife. The Bible says he prayed for his wife because she was barren. Barrenness should be confronted by prayer. He prayed for his wife because she was barren. We too need to confront our barrenness. In your family, ministry business, employment, and in your mind. Some of us need to pray for our children because they are unproductive; they are hindered and kept from producing. In whatever area of your life barrenness and unproductiveness is evident, confront it. While some can wait for whatever will come their way, results are faster and better for those who confront barrenness. It is not the will of God that we stay barren. God desires to have a productive people. Where there is people labor and produce nothing. Let us confront barrenness by prayer. It is the plan of God to make his worshippers, those who serve him, productive in all areas of life. Proper service breaks bareness.

Exodus 23:25 ‘You are to serve the LORD your God, and he will bless your food and water, and I’ll remove sickness from you.’

If we worship, if we serve the Lord our God certain things are a promise. Worship confronts barrenness. God’s blessing is going to be on your food and on your water. His daily provision and blessings follow worshipers. Those who serve God in truth, he blesses their food, he blesses their water, he makes provision for them. Where there is no barrenness, there is provision. It is not God’s will that you have no food or water. And blessed water is better than ordinary water. Good health is also part of productivity. God blesses worshippers with health. I believe in healing for the sick, but health is better than healing. It is much better to be healthy than to be healed. When you wake up and go places and you are not in pain, rejoice and be glad. It is a miracle from God.

So more than healing you, God will take sickness away from you. As we serve God, His promise is that none will miscarry or be barren among us. No miscarriage or barrenness. Both miscarriage and barrenness are unproductiveness among us; Serve God and both will leave on their own.

Because fruitfulness is our heritage, with it all our lives, I curse barrenness in your life in your home, barrenness in your business and in your relationship. Tithe makes you fruitful wherever you go. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil ,

1John 3:8. The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 

The work of the devil is to make people sinful therefore unproductive. The work of the devil is to make people sick therefore unproductive. The work of the devil is to make people confused therefore unproductive. The work of the devil is to make people visionless therefore unproductive.

It is God’s will for you to be productive. If you are a worshiper of God, His blessings which are yours rightfully.  Believers all over the world have read that our days are 70-75 years. Three score and ten, that is 60 and 10. That is seventy and if by reason of strength you have more, you may go to 80. There is going to be trouble and that is one scripture.

The other scripture is in Genesis when the Lord spoke to Noah, he said my spirit will not contend with man longer than these. His days are going to be shorter, 120 years. Now, one of these scripture is a lament, the other one is a declaration. Why are they different? The lament is by the people who were going through the curse in the wilderness for refusing to go to the promised land. In the wilderness, their days were cut anyway. One who was 20 years and above will not live more than forty. So, if you are 20 and you live 40 that is 60. 3 score. If you are 20 and you are going to live 40 more, that is 60, that is 3 scores. Some will live a little longer but they will all die within that span of life. Now we can choose to live it to a life of people who are cursed in the wilderness for their disobedience or we can choose to live as God’s proclaimed and pronounced days. The days of man according to the mouth of God is going to be 120. Now the lament was by Moses and the one who penned it said these other ones was by Moses. He knew the two very well. My point is this, the life of a worshipper is going to be a full life. We can let the devil kill us early or we can refuse to go early. I believe God knew there would be dangers on the way; wars, troubles, enemies of all kind. God intends to the worshipper a whole full life. Don’t die young. Live a full life.

We can live full lives like Moses Noah, Abraham, and Joshua. My grandmother has no idea she is supposed to die at 70. Her first-born is almost 90 today, neither of them know they need to leave. They are going strong.

Jesus destroyed the works of the devil. May the Lord make you fruitful wherever you go. It is His will. 1John 5:8 ‘And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.’

The reason the son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil, I assure you He did it. After which he announced, “it is finished”

Don’t let the devil abuse you and disinherit you anymore, be productive, stop living a barren life. Confront barrenness whenever you find it. Be it in prayer, in worship make pronouncement against it.

In the Name of Jesus, be productive in mind, at home, in business, relationships, ministry, all the areas. In the Name of Jesus Enjoy and walk in fruitfulness now, let there be breakthrough, favor, with God and men. Let there be release of promotions.