Sammy Gitaari

Wings to Fly, Legs to Run

Making Choices in Life
Life is a product of decisions. These, we make every day.  We are made in such a way that our destiny hangs on our choices. Good choices bring blessings our way, while wrong ones often land us in pain and destruction.
We make choices concerning our marriages, where we work, what activities to engage in. We make political decisions and social decisions.  We choose what to do, and what not to do.

Some of us live in perpetual frustration because we surrender to fate—assuming that God or the devil already has decided what we will become regardless of what we do. There is a balance that we must have in life-between the sovereignty of God, and our human will. Yes, there are certain things that God has already decided for us. Like where to be born, the colour of our skin, and certain other environmental issues.  It is like He has set a big boundary for us and within that perimeter, life depends on our choices.

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