Sammy Gitaari

Wings to Fly, Legs to Run

You Become Who You Choose to Become

It is Your Choice

Reading about the Israelites and their predicament in Numbers 13:1-2, 27-33 we find that the company is divided between 10 who THINK they cannot enter God’s promise and 2 who THINK they were well able to do what God wanted them to do. Each group got their choice. Those who thought dying in the wilderness was better than risking believing and maybe get killed by their enemies moved in circles until they died. The two gentlemen who thought they can possess the land were delayed but they did possess the land. This is put in the Bible for our instruction, not to fill up space. We make the following observations:
1.     The choice to get into the promise is yours
ü It is possible to fight people that are bigger than you. Caleb and Joshua did and they won. David fought Goliath and won.
ü It is possible to pull down buildings you have no tools at the moment to deal with. Jericho and Ai came down.
2.     You can go for what you don’t have now
ü Don’t focus on the impossible circumstances—keep your thoughts on God’s promise and ability
ü Let your faith go beyond now and what you have now
3. What you allow your mouth to utter becomes your possession in time
ü Let your mouth speak your faith not your fears – we are able
ü Speak of your trust in the promises of God not the prevailing circumstances
Always remember--You ARE just what you think you are—NOT WHAT YOU HAVE


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